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Community Rules & Guidelines [Updated: April 2022]

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NodeSpace Community Rules & Guidelines

First, thank you for checking out the NodeSpace Community! Your participation in this community is contingent on our Community Rules & Guidelines (CRG) - this document. 

Registration, Usernames (Display Names), Avatars (Profile Photos), and Signatures
In order to fully participate in our community, you are required to register. Registration requires you to provide a unique username, password, and email address. Please follow the guidance for selecting:
  1. You must register in order to participate in this community. You must provide a valid email address and validate it in order to complete registration. Your email address will not be public and our Privacy Policy (https://www.nodespace.net/legal/privacy/) is in effect.
  2. Usernames may not be obscene, derogatory, abusive, offensive, or malicious. Community staff have the right to change usernames if they are not acceptable.
  3. Usernames are public and therefore, you should be careful about revealing any personal information about you with them. 
  4. Usernames cannot be changed and we will not process requests to change usernames, so select your username carefully.
  5. Usernames should be unique. 
  6. Impersonation of another user or staff member by using a similar username is not permitted.
  7. Avatars are permitted as long as they are of a "PG-13" nature  - e.g. nothing sexual, offensive, obscene, etc. Community staff can remove any profile photo that is deemed inappropriate.
  8. A unique feature of our community is that we allow your community profile to be customized. Additional customization is permitted as long as all of our guidelines are followed. 
  9. Signatures have been a debate in modern communities and whether or not they should still exist is up for debate. We have decided that signatures are allowed in our community, but there are guidelines in place as outlined here.
    1. Signatures are not immediately enabled. You must have 5 approved items of content and then you will be able to create a signature.
    2. Images are permitted as long as they are a maximum of 550 pixels wide and a maximum of 250 pixels high. Anything larger will not be permitted or will be resized.
    3. Signatures are limited to two external links.
    4. Signatures are limited to 6 lines.
    5. Signatures may not link to material that is obscene, derogatory, abusive, offensive, malicious, or illegal. Ideally, you should only link to your own sites and resources.
    6. Signatures can be modified or disabled by community staff either permanently or temporarily for rule violations or if we deem them inappropriate.
    7. Do not use your signature as a billboard. It's not rentable advertising space.

Content Posting
The following guidelines for content are general and apply to all forums on the site. Additional guidelines may be forum-specific and will be shown in the forum where they apply.
  1. The official language of the NodeSpace Community is English. Please only post in English. If English is not your native language, you can use this as an opportunity to learn and improve. 
  2. Please use proper grammar and spelling. This is not strictly enforced, though it helps non-native English speakers learn.
  3. External links:
    • Posts may include external links, however they need to be relevant to the topic.
    • External links are "NOFOLLOW" links (aka search engines won't follow them, so they will not boost SEO - this is for spam prevention).
    • Email addresses should not directly be posted. Again, this is for spam prevention. If you do post an email address, it will be censored out. 
    • Attachments:
      • Due to the nature of our community being developer friendly, we permit attachments to posts. 
      • Binary attachments (compiled programs, .exe, .msi, self-extracting archives, etc.) are not permitted and we ask the community report any they find.
      • You should have the legal authority to distribute the content you are distributing. Do not distribute files you are not legally allowed to. Instead, you should link to the resource directly in your post (assuming that is permitted by the copyright holder).
      • File size restrictions are in place. You can upload 500 MB total. 500 MB can be added to one submission. This means that if you upload 5 files that are 100 MB in size, you will no longer be permitted to upload any additional files to our community until old files are deleted.
      • Attachments are not meant for large scale distribution. Please use your website or CDN for that.
    • Some content will automatically be embedded if you post a relevant link (e.g. YouTube videos). Please make sure the content is appropriate and doesn't violate our rules.
General Content Guidelines
  1. Please only post content that contributes to the discussion. Simple posts such as "Thanks!" or "Fixed" don't contribute anything. To say thanks or like something, please use the reactions.
  2. When posting, please do not post post anything that is obscene, derogatory, abusive, offensive, or malicious.
  3. Topics related to politics and religion are also not allowed. We understand that some people feel very strongly about their political and religious beliefs, but the primary focus of this community is technology. We do permit general mentions such as "I can't do this then as I will be at church" but it should not be the primary topic of discussion.
  4. Post topics should relate to the topic of the forum that they are in. For example, it's not appropriate to discuss developing a PHP application in the Shared Hosting forum. However, it is appropriate to ask why a PHP application isn't working on a shared hosting account in the Shared Hosting forum.
  5. Posts should not be "bumped". Please have patience. 
  6. Do not spam links. Any links in posts need to be relevant. Just posting a link to something will be considered spam.
  7. We permit GIFs/reaction GIFs, and memes. The only rule is that we ask you use them sparingly except where it may be permitted - such as off-topic forums that permit it. Replies should contain more than just these items.
  8. Posts may be edited by community staff if they do no meet posting requirements.
  9. Post counts, reputation, and reactions are fake internet points. They don't really mean anything here so don't try to inflate these numbers just for the heck of it. Reputation can mean someone is knowledgable, but always take it with a grain of salt.
  10. The promotion or advertisement of products, services, sites, outside of any applicable forums is not permitted. Using our community to actively promote competitors is not permitted unless there is a service provider we work with. We do permit generally posting recommendations in passing - for example, if someone asks what server antivirus can be used, you can recommend a product, even if we do sell it. 
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